Xiguan, China - TEDx talk based on the 13 Step Dance Floor

My story of express myself

Yes/No Dance - Japan


13 Step Dance for dialogue, London, UK

NVC 2 2 

13 Step Dance for dialogue, Australia

D1000017 1 2 

The Anger/Shame Dance, India

PICT1306 2

Connect with Respect Dance, USA

PICT5488 2

13 Step Dance for dialogue, Lebanon

andy 13steps B4 edit

Anger/Shame Dance, Germany

P1000855 2

Self Empathy Dance, rooftop in Shanghai, China

Dance Floor photo Shanghai 2015

13 Step Dance for dialogue, USA

IMG 1532

Integration and Connection Dance, India


Anger/Shame Dance, Kenya

1 Kenya LowRes 2

Educator/Chooser Dance, in Germany


Early Dance Floor explorations! Mexico

Dance Floors photo baby Q Mexico 2015

Connect with Respect Dance, London UK

DCAM0087 2

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